About Me


Hello, I’m Andy! I live in San Francisco, and love to work in emerging markets and on emerging technologies. I also have a cat named Gus. 😸

Disclaimer: Everything on this site is my own opinion and does not represent my employer or anyone else.

African Developers & Startups

I lead Google’s Ecosystem team for Sub-Saharan Africa, with team members on the ground in Google’s offices in Kenya and Nigeria. My focus is on reaching top startups and developers through scalable, high-impact programs, focused on all stages of the developer lifecycle, from developers writing their first lines of code, to entrepreneurs launching their first startups and apps, and on to the most successful developers on the African continent.

Projects my team has led includes coordinating and managing scalable developer outreach and support programs across the region (including Google Developer Groups, Google Developer Experts), working with startups and VCs through programs such as Google Developers Launchpad, increasing gender diversity in the professional software developer community with Women Techmakers, and representing Google’s range of developer platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I also led the creation of and hiring for Google for Startups Accelerator Africa, a $3+ million program supporting African startups with equity-free support, mentorship, working space and access to expert advisers through an intensive three-month program held twice per year in Lagos, Nigeria.

I’ve given talks at a number of software developer events in Africa and beyond, including Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Zambia, and and Zimbabwe, and arranged developer and startup immersions for Google’s executives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Crypto & Blockchain

I’ve been getting increasingly interested in crypto and blockchain, so I’ve been investing in cryptocurrencies, experimental NFTs, and my spare time trying out related developer tools.

There’s a fantastic amount of work being accomplished on the cryptocurrency and blockchain front, and I expect to see it grow and continue.


I’m a Limited Partner (LP) with the Microtraction and Future Africa Africa-focused investment funds, both of which are led by fantastic teams of African General Partners (GPs).

I’m also an angel investor in seed-stage technology startups focused on emerging markets and/or disruptive technologies, primarily through the AngelList investing platform, having made 30+ investments and counting.


While I’m not the Andy Volk who is famous for his lap steel guitar work, I do love music with a passion, and was a Downtempo music DJ for several years when building Live365.com.