Andy Volk

Hi, I'm Andy, and I like to build new things, change the world, and help others to do the same.

I travel a lot as part of my job, so I mostly live in the cloud, somewhere between San Francisco and Cape Town.

I publish Africa Notes, a biweekly newsletter about developers and startups in Africa. If you'd like to learn more about what I've been up to lately, I encourage you to visit my Twitter feed and Google+ page.

I'm currently the Regional Manager for Developer Relations in Sub-Saharan Africa at Google. (And of course, all opinions expressed on this site are mine alone.)

I spend some of my time advising startups and initiatives that I like, and I've volunteered in the past as a mentor at Barclays Accelerator by Techstars and 88mph.

I'm also the founder of Downtempo, which works with companies and organizations ranging from NASA to MTV, and serves as a launchpad to turn new ideas into web and mobile apps, including Is It Safe to Visit?NiceTips, and SquareIt.

I've worked at some great companies over the years building and inventing products, including MxitKongregateLOYAL3, Yahoo!, Scour, Live365, and the Human Interface Technology Lab. (And I once spent a year traveling around the world.)

I also like to write on occasion. I've written in the past for WIRED and Yahoo!, including articles on African solar powervideo codecs, Flash video, Media RSS, and video search.

My products have either directly or indirectly touched the lives of most people reading this content. Thanks for playing!

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